continuing the journey to 'Ithaka'

First short movie clip will be released December 2016

I've been working on some tests that I may be using see below:

The following explosions were done using Turbulence FD for Cinema 4D

Going for a medium scale explosion here:
Added a kind of ground cushion effect to simulate the reaction of the ground

Side view

Top view

Perspective view

Fire works test for a celebration scene
To get the sparkle effect I added a Highlights post effect from cinema 4D

Fireworks snake
I like the wiggle snaked effect but I wasn't 100% sure I got the smoke right

fds copy
A test clip using the Female dress Suit I designed in Marvellous Designer

Pasted Graphic
Hoodie Tracksuit walk

Tried out the Mograph module to see what I could do with it
Pasted Graphic

Here are the results of my fluid simulation studies.
There are actually 2 versions: one with more foam and one with less
sm small