Building Cities

So.. How do you build a city?
I suppose you can do it brick by brick if you’ve got time and resources but what if you’re
just one person? Well you can do what I did and use a really cool Add-on for Blender
called Scene City to help you with that task
It doesn’t take too long to get the basic layout generated and after a few false starts I
started to get something that looked quite pleasing.

I really love the reflective properties of the glass and the detail is more than sufficient for very close up views.

Blender and Cycles do a very good job with the rendering but I did have some problems
when exporting using FBX with the textures and materials. As a result I had to export
the OBJ to Cinema 4D then export from Cinema 4D as FBX. It was a minor fix and to be
honest I could have just used blender for the OBJ export – I probably will for my next

Hard Surface crate

Ok I really like creating procedural materials (various advantages) however there are
times you just have to get your hands dirty with UV’ing and Texturing.
Below are the results of a hard surface texturing test in cinema 4D

I spent quite a bit of time making sure that topology was correct before thinking about UV’ing or texturing
Getting to grips with UV’ing
Started to have a bit of fun with layering dirt and wear

Making Shiruken T4

The only thing I knew about this tank is that I wanted it to hover, have a subliminal
Coleoptera look to it and use technology about 50 years from now.

Started with a general shape
screenshot-2016-05-06-16-04-15 It took a few attempts to get my boolean technique right but the general method was to slice a 3d shape out of the main mesh then work on that shape without modifying the border between the meshes. This way I got better control over the topology


here are few parts
screenshot-2016-05-01-20-55-07 screenshot-2016-05-06-16-04-15


Started to work on basic materials and textures.
And here it is close to it’s finished form 🙂