Making Fluidic Pulse

Been playing with Cinema 4D’s Mograph module to create some motion graphics.
one point to note is that the wavy floor effect is controlled and ‘Driven’ by the intensity of
the search light’s Visibility Brightness value – was easy to set up


It’s actually fun to use effects on top of each other but I did learn the following along the
Keep geometry simple – to help with workspace speed
You don’t need that high a anti-aliasing setting if using sub frame motion blur
Going to use the ‘Make Preview – Hardware’ function a LOT more before rendering!
As with all my projects I learn a lot along the way, as I never know how I’m going solve
my sometimes crazy ideas 🙂

Motion Graphics and Simulations

Finally got round to creating some fluid simulations and motion graphics – I ended up configuring a render farm to help with the processing for the simulation work

The floor ripple effect is directly proportional to the light intensity


Hammerhead shark water simulation

bangs and sparkles

I’ve been working on some tests that I may be using see below:
The following explosions were done using Turbulence FD for Cinema 4D


Side view – Going for a medium scale explosion here: Added a kind of ground cushion effect to simulate the reaction of the ground


Top View


Perspective view
Perspective view


Fire works test – To get the sparkle effect I added a Highlights post effect from cinema 4D


Fireworks snake - I like the wiggle snaked effect but I wasn't 100% sure I got the smoke right