Geo Alpha Series

I managed to create my first batch ahead of schedule..somehow!?
This series is all jewelry based and called the Geo Alpha Series. (Why that name – well
it just stuck in my head!)
As for the shapes I knew I wanted a heart motif to be part of the design and possibly the
dp logo. The rest of the design was kept open and fluidic 😉
For efficiency I try to model with symmetry modifiers.


Near the end of the design I’ll start to see how to model looks with a sub divided
modifier. I also use the measuring tool a lot to recheck dimensions.
Very important due to real world material constraints (minimum Wall thickness, minimum
wire thickness, etc)

The Geo Alpha Vapour design proved to be quite tricky due to the thinness of the ‘loop’ over the ‘wings’ Had to rework this design several times.



The Geo Alpha Dewdrop design was the most complicated but the work went smoothly
as I planned most of it out beforehand.


I started off with the dp logo as a spline and converted it into a 2D polygon. At that point I used an array modified to form a circular shape


I continued to add the connecting parts, not worrying about the teardrop shape as that would come later


After all the elements were present I applied a matrix modifier to get that nice teardrop
shape. I also extruded for thickness

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